Why Should You Have A Vegas SEO Specialist On Retainer?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the job a Vegas SEO Specialist does to get your website to rank high in the Search Engines; Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

It is a job that requires the practitioner to be on top of the latest and greatest changes to those algorithms that determine who will be on top of the rankings.

Our SEO team is “strong like bull”.

How Often Does Google Change Its Algorithms?

Last year Google reported approximately 3300 changes to their algorithm used for ranking websites. That’s a little over 9 per day. These changes are meant to “enhance” the search experience for the end-user. Frequently, Google gives these changes cute and cuddly nicknames; Bert, Panda, Penguin, to name a few.

**They aren’t cuddly.

A change in rankings may not mean much to Google… they are just shuffling their deck. BUT to a business, it could mean the difference between leads and no leads. Google also doesn’t give you clues or a guidebook on what to do if this happens.

Is Google mean?

Remember, Organic Google Search is a FREE service. You build a website, put it online, and Google comes to visit and decides you are the authority of your profession and shows you at the top of a search that someone types into the magic bar in the middle of the screen. It’s a MIRACLE.

Except it isn’t.

Either through luck or chance, Google ranks your website based on approximately 300 different factors. They also don’t tell you what those factors are.

Fortunately, a trained Vegas SEO Specialist can help you to gain an edge over your competition. Having a specialist on retainer is usually a better idea but lets run through the pros and cons

Vegas SEO Specialist – No Retainer

  • Sometimes a “Single SEO Pass” is all your site needs, this is usually reserved for websites that:
    • Have little competition
    • Were built in the last couple of years
    • Have a contemporary Content Management System
    • Have a limited marketing budget
    • Have a short “shelf life”; one time events, etc.

Vegas SEO Specialist – On a Retainer

  • If you rely on your Google Placement to bring you business, then you need a Vegas SEO specialist on a retainer. They will:
    • Update content
    • Update the website for the latest versions
    • Update pages to current algorithm standards
    • Analyze traffic to your site and make changes to the site based on users actions
    • Present monthly reports and explain traffic patterns
    • Be a thought partner on ways to improve traffic and the QUALITY of leads that you receive through the website
    • Add “snippets” and other hidden pieces of code

Frequently, a Vegas SEO specialist can also act as a Marketing Consultant and help you to develop great Facebook ads, Google ads, and Viral content.

At Full House Web Marketing, we are committed to providing the best Search Engine Optimization services for our clients. We review your current situation at no charge and can work on a retainer or as a “single-pass” checkup.

Your website should be reviewed on a regular basis for SEO compliance and we can help you get that done.

Contact us to get your free evaluation and get started on the Search Engine Optimization your website desperately needs. We can give you Fresh SEO data, Tracking, Recommendations, and more information to keep your business at the top of the Google Rankings. We look forward to the opportunity to learn more about your business and give you ideas to move your business forward.

Initial consultations are always free and are made by appointment only. use the form above to get a meeting on the schedule. We have offices throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

What is SEO Vegas, and what does it mean for my business?

SEO Vegas

SEO Vegas…. is short for Search Engine Optimization in Vegas. The three main search engines that most people use are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There are other Search Engines but Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the ones that have the most market share so they are the ones to which we pay attention.

Currently the share of Search Engine usage:

  1. Google – 92.96%
  2. Bing – 2.34%
  3. Yahoo – 1.64%

*Source gs.statcounter.com

As you can see from those numbers, having your site optimized for Google is pretty important. Being on the 1st page is critical to you having success. Page one enjoys 95% of all search traffic. It drops down more and more as you go further in the SERPS (search engine result pages).

What does this mean for my Website?

Search engine optimization is important for any online or offline business. It’s how customers will find you even if they are looking for just a phone number.

Many Las Vegas SEO specialists are good at what they do, but there are just as many that will tell you what they think you want to here. They will also get you ranked for phrases that don’t really get a lot of traffic.

Our Las Vegas team works to get your site ranked for the phrases that people ARE searching for in Google and we will work to identify phrases that you may not have considered.

Ranking successfully in the search engines is also an ongoing process. Having a team that stays on top of the latest changes to the Google algorithm is integral to keeping your site where it belongs. We also work with you to make improvements to your website to make it run FASTER, STRONGER, and BETTER than your competition.

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