Construction Progress Virtual Tour

Why should you get a Virtual Tour for my construction project?

There are many great reasons to use Virtual Tours before,  during, or after construction or a remodel.


  • Adding a punch list to a virtual tour
  • Make exact measurements within the scan
  • Link to the exact spot in a 3D space that you want someone to see
  • Export exact floorplans
  • Export Autocad files
  • If you flip — this is the perfect way to show what you do in a unique before and after in an interactive way.

Ultimately a 3D scan gives more detail and more helpful information than just a cell phone picture.  It can be sent to anyone to review, and in some cases, you can even add notes directly to the scan that You or your client can view online.

Construction Progress Virtual Tours 1

But how much does it cost?

Pricing is based on the size of the property.  Contact us for details.

If you are looking to get multiple scans of the same property, we offer a discount on all subsequent scans.

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Pricing varies on the size of the location.

Case Study

A client had asked us to do a scan before drywall was put up so that they could identify in the future where things were behind the walls.


It wound up being more helpful when their builder forgot to add a cable outlet box in the kitchen.  If you navigate to the kitchen in each tour, you will clearly see where the error was made.

The builder fixed the error, but without a Matterport scan, it may not have been so obvious a fix.

Contact us if you think this kind of scan would be great for you!

Let’s have a quick phone call to discuss why you need the scan and we’ll plan the best way to get it done.