Virtual Tours for Retail

We provide a Virtual Tours for Retail solution.

We offer a unique Matterport Scanning Service that allows people to visit your Retail or Restaurant space either in their browser, on their smart phone, on their iPad or even using Virtual Reality Goggles. You can bring your business to your client in a new and dynamic way.

These interactive Matterport scans are normally used by Real Estate Agents and they allow their prospective tenants or buyers revisit the home whenever they want.  

Recently, we have also started to use these interactive scans for our Retail and Restaurant Clients. We discovered that these scans allow owners to provide an extremely valuable “browsing” solution for traditional brick and mortar retail environment.

These state-of-the-art Matterport scans differ from the normal “Google Maps” scans because these scans have the ability to add ON TOP OF THE SCAN virtual notes, images, videos, or even links to your e-commerce store (if you have one).

A great Matterport Scan provides the ability to showcase your products in a dynamic virtual way and allow people to browse JUST like they are in the store.

Commercial Virtual Tours Las Vegas

Virtual Tours for Retail
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  • Virtual Tours for Retail scans usually take less than 2 hours
  • Can be embedded on websites
  • Can have sections of the scan replaced as your store changes
  • Scans are typically ready for use 24 hours after the scan is done

Read more about how we started to do these Matterport scans for Real Estate and ALSO for Retail Establishments looking to get an edge and provide for a great consumer experience.

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Matterport Las Vegas Retail Virtual Tour

With new standards in place, a Retail Virtual Tour can give wary guests an opportunity to tour a Restaurant, Retail Store, Salon or Barbershop before they come to the establishment.

The Scan can also be incorporated with links to Restaurant reservation systems, and provide a way for guests to easily see menus on line….  even while on the property.

How Do we get Ready for a Scan?

  • It’s Easy! And it’s fun to watch.
  • Prepare the Space – Remove anything that you do not want to be scanned.
  • Be aware of light. Weird reflection from open windows can cause funky patterns to appear on the floor. 
  • Doing a scan when the sun is highest in the sky is best.
  • Plan for the scan to take about one hour per two thousand square feet. It can go faster, but better to plan for more rather than less.
  • If there are Pets (Residential) or Customers (Commercial) be prepared to lock them up (Pets) or explain to the (Customers) that they might be in a scan.
  • If there are people that accidentally get scanned, we blur faces. (This is not perfect, but is usually workable)
  • After the scan is completed there is a 24 hour period before it is available to use.
  • There is a small monthly fee to host the scan for commercial scans.
  • The scan can be embedded on your website.
  • After the scan is completed HDR Still Photos can be pulled for an additional fee.
  • Hover Tags (Mattertags) can be added to scan to spotlight features for an additional fee.
  • Overhead Floorplans can be generated for an additional fee.
We provide bulk rates for multiple properties, and can work with any client to assure the job is done in a satisfactory manner.

We also can do scans late at night or early in the morning.