Virtual Tours for Curbside Pickup in Las Vegas

Curbside Pickup

Now that the Nevada Governor has opened up regular retail stores for curbside pickup, some people in retail can go back to work.

BUT— shoppers can’t walk into the stores.
Or…. can they?

Click Play below to watch a video of a virtual tour of a retail store.

We offer a Matterport scan service that allows people to visit a space either in their browser or using Virtual Reality Goggles. Typically these scans are used for Real Estate Agents, but we think they can be used to provide a valuable “browsing” solution for traditional Brick and Mortar Retail.

These scans differ from the normal “Google” scans because we have the ability to add spotlight products on a shelf with virtual notes.

Showcase your products in a virtual way and allow people to browse JUST like they are in the store.

You have a small business
We want to help with your Curbside Pickup.

Until May 15th, we are offering Matterport retail scans of your property for $70.

No deposit is necessary. It’s quick and easy.

We safely come to your store to do the scan. Scans usually take about 1 hour per 2000 square feet. We will do the scan at a time that is comfortable for you. The store should be staged prior to the scan, but it does not need to be perfect.

After the scan is completed and processed (typically 24 hours later) you are given a link that you can put on your website, embed on your website, or add it to your Social Media accounts.

This offer is good for Retail Establishments up to 4000 sq ft. We can scan larger facilities for an additional fee.

Check out this Tour!

Virtual Tours for Curbside Pickup in Las Vegas 1
Sample Mattertag

Mattertags can also be added as a part of the tour to spotlight specific products within the store… those tags can show details about the product and even provide a link to your e-commerce store.

Curbside Pickup

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