Las Vegas
WordPress Maintenance

Who among us hasn’t had the dreaded “WordPress Update Message”.

You’ve done it before, and it blew things up.

You never know what will go right or wrong when you try to update your website.

We’ve all been there.


What should you do when the WordPress “Update” warning starts showing up?

Thoughts start running through your head…

Do you press the button and risk breaking your site?

When was my last backup?

What was my web guy’s phone number?

Why does WordPress need to be updated all the damn time?

It can be terrifying for the average user.  But not so terrifying for someone who knows what they are doing…  That’s where we come in.  

We are your Las Vegas WordPress Maintenance solution.

Las Vegas WordPress Maintenance

One Time Fee
$ 75
  • Update All Plugins
  • Update WordPress
  • Verify Backups
  • Suggested Improvements
  • Fix Compatibility Issues

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Top Reasons to Keep Your Las Vegas WordPress Site Updated


We’ve built websites for over 20 years.  Yes, we are older than MySpace. Security is ALWAYS going to be the biggest concern with a website that you depend upon for business.  

Over the years, WordPress became the most cost-effective solution for building a great website.  Many people have gone the DIY route and built acceptable websites…  BUT as technology evolves, “old code” needs to be updated.  That’s why the WordPress updates happen.  They occur to fix the old code that needs to be modernized to add features, and tragically, stop the hackers.

Ensuring your Las Vegas WordPress maintenance updates are done on time will ensure that you are protected from future attacks.

New Features

Las Vegas WordPress maintenance assures that you are getting all the latest and greatest features.  WordPress adds new toys all the time and increases the functionality of the tool.  To take advantage of the new stuff, you need to make sure the site is up to date.

Speed and Higher Ranking

Our friends at Google are making “website speed” an important part of ranking websites. In the coming months, you will hear a LOT about “Core Web Vitals,” which translates to “make sure your site goes fast.”  Las Vegas WordPress maintenance is an important step in assuring that you can maintain or get better rankings in Google.