Important Info About A Recent Google Change

Google recently announced a new update to its algorithm.  They do this frequently, but this one was a big one for Las Vegas Search Engine Optimization.  

Google has deployed this update, and in their words it is the  “biggest leap forward in the past five years, and one of the biggest leaps forward in the history of search.”

Wow…..  nerds rejoice!

Simply put, The BERT algorithm update is meant to get Google to act more like Siri.  Ask it a question and it will give you the answer.

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.  Which smacks of someone who just really wanted to name something BERT.

Google has said that this will impact 10% of all search queries.

Retrofitting your website for this change requires your site to be more “conversational”.  Google has deployed this change so that computers can understand the language on the page and in the results a little more as humans do.

This is not Google’s first shot at doing this.  RankBrain was google’s first attempt at creating this Artificial Intelligence.  BERT seems to be a change that is adding to this functionality or possibly improving upon its interpretation of your website.

What should you do about BERT?

Don’t Ignore Bert

If you don’t have someone looking at your website and analyzing your content, now is a good time to contact a Vegas SEO Specialist.

Embrace The Google

Don’t fear Google. Google’s entire goal in life (besides making boatloads of money) is to return the most relevant responses to the users search queries.

Be the RIGHT Answer

Make sure that your site has the answer to someone’s query.

Contact our Las Vegas Search Engine Optimization team.  We don’t outsource.  We understand the market. We’ve been doing Search Engine Optimization for many years and for many websites.

Our initial consultations are always free, and even if you don’t hire us…  at least we can enjoy a nice cup of coffee together and learn about each others businesses.

Make sure that your site has the answer to someone’s query.

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