Why do the Google Search Results Change?

Google Search Results

One of the most common questions we get asked as SEO Experts in Las Vegas is “Why do the Google Search Results Change?”

The simple answer is that content changes. New content hits the internet every nano-second, and Google tries to determine what the most relevant bit of content is for that EXACT moment you type a search into the omnibar.

And it’s getting more instant. In a post from Danny Sullivan at Google yesterday, he explained the ins and outs to how Google responds to “Query Spikes” – the example in this case was “Why is the sky orange?”

Critical context, like time and place, also helps us understand what you’re really looking for. This is particularly true for featured snippets, a feature in Search that highlights pages that our systems determine are likely a great match for your search. We’ve made improvements to better understand when fresh or local information — or both — is key to delivering relevant results to your search.

-Danny Sullivan


So what does this mean for you?

It means that updating and refreshing content is essential to maintain and gain new traffic and viewers.

Our Las Vegas SEO Team will look at your site and analyze it for opportunities that might be missing or overlooked. We work with you to create new and relevant content; text, video, and images.

Most people build a website and then ignore it, and frankly technology is extraordinary. Yesterday, I had a client from 6 years ago call me out of the blue wanting to add content to their site. I was frankly shocked that they hadn’t updated the site in 5 years! The site worked, it served it’s purpose as a “brochure” and they hadn’t put much thought into the opportunities they might have been missing.

If your website is more than 2 years old, I can promise you that there are Search Engine Optimization opportunities that you are definitely missing.

Contact us for a free Search Engine Optimization consultation.

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