SEO Las Vegas – What Happened?

SEO Las Vegas

Yesterday was an interesting day for SEO Las Vegas. Lots of businesses saw rankings evaporate. Rankings were replaced by low quality websites, many of them weren’t even IN Las Vegas.

Google occasionally rolls out updates to their algorithm, but rarely do you have days like this.

Panic sets in, and then you find SEO’s trying to justify why when you search “Vegas Pizza Joint” a restaurant in Toronto floats to the top of the Google Search Results.

Google was radio silent on the issue last night. I gave up trying to understand the logic, and instead focused on Pizza from 2251 miles away, and what it would cost to Postmate that thing to my door.

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It turns out it was a glitch.

SEO Las Vegas is Back to Normal

After checking our rankings and our client rankings this morning, it appears that most of the rankings are back to normal, and I’m even seeing some improvement some improvements.

Ultimately, it was a reminder to not take your SEO Las Vegas for granted. Ranking for business-specific keywords is a privilege and not a right. If you are not checking or having someone check your site on a regular basis, a major source of traffic can be lost.

Our Las Vegas SEO Services are comprehensive and our reporting is thorough. Contact us to learn how you can rank higher in Google.

It’s also important to remember to diversify your marketing efforts. Great SEO is wonderful, but you should also incorporate other methods of Marketing into your gameplan.

Social Media ManagementSearch Engine MarketingSocial Media Content ProductionEmail Marketing, and Digital Marketing should all be a part of your plans.

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