SEO Marketing Las Vegas

SEO Marketing Las Vegas is a lot like climbing a mountain.

If you don’t have the right tools, the end result is probably going to be less than ideal.

We’ve decided to start a Thursday series with links to helpful SEO articles we have seen and ingested over the week.

Our hope is that these articles may also be helpful to you.

Links About SEO Marketing Las Vegas

Sitemap Integration

Many websites use WordPress. There are plenty of great SEO plugins that can create site maps; RankMath, Yoast, etc. BUT, wouldn’t it be great if Google just had a way of natively achieving this goal? It looks like a WordPress Google sitemap integration is coming soon. This would be great for small sites where an SEO plugin would be overkill. Plus, native integration is always better!

Negative SEO

John Mueller from Google explained some issues with negative SEO and ranking issues. Negative SEO occurs when a devious SEO provider attacks competitors by sending spammy links their way. This is a shady practice that we do not use… and in fact, we have fired clients who have asked us to engage in this behavior. It’s good to see that Google acknowledges this is indeed an issue, and if you have been victimized, contact us to have your site cleaned up.

Google Algorithm Update

The Google May Core Algorithm Update was a big one. We noticed may improvements to sites. The linked interview provides some great insight into what was involved and what the update meant for websites.

Hopefully, these links will be of benefit to you. As always if you are a business looking for SEO, please contact us to get a free consultation.

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