What is a Matterport Scan, and Why do I Need One?

A Matterport tour is a three-dimensional camera system that is used to create realistic, fully immersive experiences. Guests can tour your desired location and navigate in a manner that allows them to see what they WANT to see. People are visual… and visual content that is unique and different is what will make you stand out from the rest. Here are some uses for a Las Vegas Virtual Tour.

Matterport Real Estate Virtual Tours

For Real Estate Agents a 3D Virtual Tour creates a tour of a property that allows prospective tenants and residents to see the space in-depth without having to physically travel there. It gives Sellers an edge and can be directly submitted to the MLS system. Studies have shown that homes with a Virtual Tour sell 30% faster than homes without.

Commercial Real Estate Virtual Tours

Have you ever taken a Client all over town looking for that perfect space? A Matterport Commercial Space tour can REDUCE the amount of travel for you and your client and help to increase conversion. You can even use it to show prospective tenants what a under construction building will look like when it’s finished, and help them imagine themselves in the space.

Event Space Virtual Tours

Show people what you have to offer in the most immersive way. This is perfect for all types of facilities that hold events, weddings, dances, or other special moments. A Matterport tour can help a prospective guest decide if your facility fits their needs.

Restaurant Virtual Tour

Showcase your restaurant on a virtual tour and show off the facility. You can even have a virtual tour that shows particular table numbers within the restaurant to allow guests to book a specific area.

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A Matterport Virtual Tour is not as expensive or time consuming as you think it is, and we will be happy to quote you a price at no charge. Contact our team to schedule your scan today. Scan are usually available 2 days after they are done!

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