Real Estate Photographers in Las Vegas

Real Estate Photographers in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Real Estate is about to become very interesting in the coming months. As the COVID-19 crisis drags on, Real Estate agents are starting to get creative in the ways that they host Open Houses and give tours for properties. Most of these tours are done via Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Google Chat Thing (or whatever they call it now), or even Instagram.

Let’s face it though…. these tours are great at the moment but suffer from the limits of technology. If the real estate agent’s connection is bad or if the prospective buyer’s connection is bad, the “virtual visit” to the house is a lost opportunity.

Real Estate Agents are also doing a lot of self-produced walk-through videos. make no mistake, some of these are Speilberg-esque achievements that showcase a property in a very dignified manner. Unfortunately, a lot of them look like my Brother’s old home movies where he videotaped a LOT of the backs of the family.

Great Real Estate Photographers in Las Vegas

Some Real Estate Photographers in Las Vegas offer great drone services where you can get a great prospective of what the top of buildings look like…. but you can’t fly a drone indoors, and that’s what people want to see.

A 3D virtual tour allows the prospect to be the drone and fly through the property at their own pace. They can look in the nooks and crannies, and find the things that they find interesting. Check out this property:

Getting started is easy… we have an Instaquote Tool that will tell you what the price will be to get a scan done.

Top 10 Reasons To Get a 3D Virtual Tour for Real Estate Photographers in Las Vegas

  1. No contact SAFE Tour for your client
  2. The client can revisit the property multiple times
  3. Highlight areas you want to point out (New fridge, etc)
  4. Can be combined with video footage
  5. Can be used for High-Resolution Photographs
  6. Can be used to create a Floorplan
  7. Can be embedded in the MLS System
  8. Can be embedded into Zillow,, and
  9. Can be sent to multiple users
  10. Can include your contact information

Contact our team to get started today. Turnaround time is fast, and can usually be ready to use the NEXT DAY.

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