New Style Highlight Reel

We love our Matterport Tours. They are an impressive way to showcase a property in a dynamic and interactive way.

The one thing we didn’t love was the “out of the box” Matterport highlight reel. It was WAY too similar to the Property Panorama thing the MLS tries to pass off as a “Virtual Tour”. It did have some settings where you could create a virtual walkthrough, but at best those looked jangly as you crashed through walls and remnants flew past you like a bad 3D movie.

We put our thinking caps on and came up with a cool way to utilize the Dollhouse and the pano shots to give the “press play” viewer a unique and engaging experience. Check out a quick video example here:

You can also play with the actual tour here:

Let us know if you want to book a scan of a Residential or a Commercial Property. We currently have a special where we are including the new style highlight reel for FREE — see the Matterport Special DETAILS HERE.

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