Understanding Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Types of Ads

Facebook is always in the process of updating its Ads Platform. Sometimes to add new placements and sometimes to remove features Facebook has determined as not useful or exploited. This list is a high-level overview of the MAIN types of ads you can find on Facebook

Facebook Image Ads

Any ad that you run on Facebook and Instagram have to have an image associated with them. This is the biggest distinguishing factor between Google ads and facebook ads.

People like pictures. Ads can be built to create Brand Awareness, Engagement, Reach to specific communities or classifications of people, or even created to drive traffic to your store. Most ads are single images, but you can create ads that have multiple images or even video.

As long as you have set up the affiliation between your Instagram page and Facebook page, these ads can be run cross-platform and in all streams associated with that platform.

Facebook Video Ads

Video ads can be created to drive conversions or get more video views. Video tends to grab peoples eyes a little more because of the movement.

Facebook even has preset videos you can have them create for you. Though as of this writing, they are fairly unspectacular.

Facebook Slideshow Ads

Similar to Photo ads, you can string together a group of images to automatically play. If you have the capability or resources to use actual “videos” we always recommend that as a better option. BUT, in a pinch, a slideshow will work.

Facebook Carousel Ads

It’s a slideshow… it’s a still image…. it a Carousel. This allows you to display up to 10 images for many different objectives

Facebook Collection Ads

Do you have a line of clothing and want to display more than one item in a group? The collection ads are the right one for you.

Facebook Instant Experiences

These can be used with all Formats…. but it works only with Mobile. It’s a great way to quickly grab people that may be “killing time” in a queue and can drive impulse sales.


It’s evolving all the time, but at the moment Facebook and Instagram Advertising is the most effective method to get your product in front of the desired eyeballs at the most reasonable price.

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss what type of Ad Campaign is best for you.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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