Food Photography

Las Vegas Food Photography

Food Photography can be the most important thing a restaurant can do… after creating tasty food.

Getting great pictures of food can be challenging. Fortunately, we are up for that challenge.

Life’s most delicious moments. Awakening our tastebuds with our eyes. Reminding us of the night we fell in love. Great pictures of food can do all of these things.

Las Vegas Food Photography

Las Vegas Food Photography

Why You Need Great Food Photography?

All food-based businesses need to have images that are of superior quality. Some of the places where excellent food photography can be helpful are:

  • For your instore Signage and menu boards
  • For your website
  • For Instagram
  • For Facebook
  • For Google
  • For Other Social Media
  • For Flyers
  • For Physical Menus
  • For Search Engine Optimization
  • For Google my Business
  • For Yelp
  • For Videos
  • For Google Maps
  • For Waze ads
  • For Facebook ads
  • For Twitter ads
  • For Google Ads

Unfortunately, bad images can do the exact opposite. How many times have you looked at a menu and wondered what type of hobbit cooked that garbage in the shire?

AND if those bad images are on your menu or in your social media feed they can ruin the moment and send the guest heading for the door…. hopefully they don’t run.

Get Better Food Images!

Food Photography 1

Admit it…. you just tasted that Avo Toast with your eyes didn’t you. Drooling on your monitor is OK.

When it comes to awakening our appetite, great food pictures can be as powerful as a great melody. It gives a feeling…a memory…an ambiance….and a remembrance of a special moment. Chills.

Food Photography 2

It can also be a huge pain to get good photos done.

Food Photography 3

We come to your restaurant with the appropriate lights and props and take the photos on the spot. Our team then edits the photos and supplies you with the appropriate sizes for all social media posts, or print quality for your menus.

If you don’t feel like your food is getting the love it deserves, please allow the team from Full House Web Marketing to help you improve your Food Photography. Contact Us Today.

Lettuce make it better. (Pun intended)

Things to Take Into Consideration when Photographing Food for your Restaurant

  • Do the photos include aspects of your restaurant?
  • Can these food photos be used in many different places?
  • Can a shoot be done when I am open?
  • Do I have enough “different” photos to make my social streams look unique?
  • Do I have any 3D Food Photos?
  • Do I have Close Ups as well as long shots?
  • Am I showcasing unique glassware or plates?
  • How often do I need to schedule a new shoot?
  • Do I need interior shots or exterior shots done?
  • Do I want to take shots of people enjoying my food?
  • Do I have attractive enough friends who can act as models in my food shoot?
  • How many dishes can I prepare for the shoot?
Food Photography 4

It is important to be prepared and ready to do the shoot. Making sure you have an area where the shoot can occur without disrupting business is necessary.

These days your guests are taking their own (pretty good) pictures of your food. Your photos need to be as good as theirs if not better.

Great Food Photography can make the difference between a cover and someone who was “just checking it out… we’ll come back later.”

Our Photography services are very affordable and we work with our clients to develop monthly visits to shoot specials or new dishes. Let us know and contact us to learn more. Our initial consultations are always free. We can’t wait to shoot (and try) what you have to offer.

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