Adding Web Design Features

Web Design Features

A website should be a living breathing entity. It should evolve and change over time. If you aren’t adding web design features or changing or adapting your website with the times, you are missing opportunities.

Website Design should be ongoing.

The ebb and flow of technology is creating all sorts of ways for you to improve your site and increase the engagement of your visitors. In turn, that should increase your potential customers.

Put simply… if you own a clothing store you wouldn’t sell the same line year after year. Customers would stop coming to the store after they realized it never changed or showed them something new. A website NEEDS to change.

Recently we had a client contact us to make an addition to a site we launched earlier in the year. Originally, we had created a page on their website for their Sound Stages on the Studio Lot. The map on the page when using a desktop or tablet computer contained “Hotspots” to allow viewers to see quick details on the different stages. Mousing over the “hover spots” exposes a quick thumbnail, and a click opens a full detail page for that soundstage. It’s a cool and helpful feature.

When we built the site we elected to not add that feature on the Backlot page. This week, we rectified that, and by popular request, we added the feature to the Backlot Studio page.

Hot Spot Map – Web Design Features

Web Design Features

Web Design features are often easy to add to your site. If you can think of it, we can probably do it for you. Just Contact Us, and give us an idea as to what you are looking for.

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