3D Virtual Tours in the Age of Covid-19

3D Virtual Tours

USA Today had a great article explaining the future of 3D Virtual Tours when it comes to the selling of Real Estate.

Real estate search site Zillow says that the number of 3D home tours created with its software has skyrocketed, surging 215% last Wednesday as compared to the volume seen before the virus’s outbreak, and 29% from just the day before.

USA Today 3/24/20

At Full House Web Marketing we provide state of the art Matterport 3D Virtual Property Tours. These tours can be featured on Realtor.com, the MLS, and even Zillow. They give prospective buyers a tour of the home without having to visit the properties. They give homeowners the peace of mind that a frictionless visit brings.

Studies have shown that having a Matterport 3D Virtual Tour on a listing can sell the home up to 33% faster than just regular pictures.

Wanna know the best part…..

3D Virtual Tours ARE AFFORDABLE!

Our 3D Matterport scans are usually less expensive than a photographer and will be hosted for up to an entire year… even though your home will probably sell faster than that.

Check out our Instaquote page and see how much your home would be.

Real Estate sales do not need to stop while we battle this evil virus. Get started on ENHANCING your Real Estate listing today.

3D Virtual Tours

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