Social Media Marketing Las Vegas

Social Media Marketing Las Vegas

There’s been a LOT in the news lately when it comes to Social Media Marketing Las Vegas. We’ll stay out of the political side of things, but you’ve probably heard that major brands have elected to pull their Social Media advertisements from Facebook for the month of July.

These companies include:

Ben & Jerry’s

Eddie Bauer
Levi Strauss & Co.
Magnolia Pictures
The North Face

There is a full running list on the StopHateForProfit website.

In essence (remember we are staying out of the political side) this means that a lot of inventory on Facebook has opened up. Inventory is the available spaces Facebook has to advertise products. This was already at a premium, and there are plenty of advertisers and (ironically) political ads that will slip in to take the place of the Brands that have elected to take July’s budget elsewhere.

Social Media Marketing Las Vegas
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How does this relate to Social Media Marketing Las Vegas?

If Facebook is important to your advertising spend and you have successful existing campaigns then you’ve probably already seen an improvement in the past 3 days. With advertisers who have elected not to pull their ads we have seen an increase in impressions and clicks with a LOWER budget. Our guess is that this will not last as people start to realize the opportunity. Unfortunately we are also seeing a continuation in the droopy conversion rate in the age of the Covid-19 Pandemic… I really hope that goes away. Wear a mask!

What should I be doing?

Facebook isn’t the only place to run advertisements. There’s Instagram…. oh yea, whoops…. Instagram is owned by Facebook.

What About Twitter Ads?

How about Twitter? Is now the time to finally try advertisements on Twitter ?

Twitter ads DO have a higher average click through rate than other channels… however their cost is around $1.35 per engagement. That can get expensive fast.

Twitter does have fantastic targeting though, and if you have a clearly defined audience that you KNOW uses Twitter, it may be worth that expense. Twitter is big with people in politics, news, technology, marketing, and celebrity influencers. If those people are a part of your core audience it may be worth a shot.

Pick an objective… any objective!

Reach Video Views, Pre-roll Views, App installs, website clicks, engagements, followers, and app re-engagements are your choices.

Twitter ads can also be an enormous pain to set up, and unless you are spending a lot, their support is iffy at best. But it is a good solution for Social media Marketing Las Vegas.

What About Linked In Ads?

Now that everyone is looking for work, the folks at LinkedIn have seen quite an uptick in traffic. Everyone is polishing up their resume and profile.

If you have a B2B service, Linked In could be the right space for you to use your ad dollars. However, most people aren’t on Linked In to “shop”… they are looking for valuable business connections.

Linked In ads are comparable in price to Facebook ads, but with lesser ROI.

What About Snapchat Ads?

I love Snapchat ads for location based ads. I don’t love Snapchat ads because they are so expensive.

There has also been a drift away from Snapchat to TikTok. and without location specific events, it’s hard to recommend Snapchat as a good place to spend ad money.

Necvertheless, there are a LOT of people on Snapchat and it is worth it to try one of their options;

  • Snap Ads (video ads),
  • Sponsored Lenses (allow users to add your branded elements to their pictures),
  • Snapchat Discover ($50k per day, but tons of views), and
  • Sponsored Local Geofilters (branded overlays users can add to their stories)

What is this TikTok thing and can I run ads there?

You can pretty much run ads anywhere…. including TikTok.

TikTok crept out of the nether regions of Chinese created subservience apps to become the latest and greatest thing with the “youth” and older folks that want to be “TikTok Famous”… I’m only a little kidding about the surveillance part.

Ads on TikTok appear in the native news feed on the For You page.

You can also created Branded AR content that people can use on their posts.

TikTok ads start at $10 per CPM (cost per 1000 views). TikTok also require you to spend a minimum of $500 on a campaign.

It’s hot… there are a lot of people there, and rightfully so, it is expensive.

What About Pinterest Advertising?

Pinterest is HIGHLY targeted to women. If your main clientele is the female crowd, this is a good place to be.

The engagement on Pinterest is very high, and ads should be based around products.

Pinterest ads can be expensive at $40 per 1000 impressions, but that may be changing to a more affordable model.

In Closing – Social Media Marketing Las Vegas

If you are going to move your money away from Facebook ads there are plenty of other great options out there. Contact Us to take advantage of our setup and monitoring services for Social Media Marketing Las Vegas.

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